Streamer, Web Developer, Writer, Goblin.

BallisticToaster (better known as Toasty) is a web developer, Twitch streamer, & writer based in Ontario, Canada. His passions include filmmaking, media preservation, science fiction, teaching, game development, coffeemaking, cooking, & puns.

When he's not troubleshooting stream, he bakes bread, edits videos, plays games on his own or with his friends, plays the guitar, reads, writes, works out, and spends time with his family & friends.

He's been streaming for little over a year playing a variety of games across several genres on his own or with his friends, dabbling in one-offs like writing and web development streams.

He aims to entertain and he'll be here all night. Seriously, don't look at his sleep schedule. It's the stuff of nightmares.