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This Week at the Crumb Club - April 4th, 2023


This Week at the Crumb Club, we're engaging in a little spring cleaning. With the first Ramadan schedule behind us, we started off on a high note (heh) with Hi-Fi Rush, continuing with another round of Leon's wacky European adventure in RE4Remake before capping things off with Metroid Prime: Remastered. These late-night streams have been fun, and it feels great to get back to a regular cadence once more! Today we're going to touch on some things being added to stream audio quality & mixing changes, new channel point rewards & commands, this week's schedule.

Let's go over a TL;DR of last week's post before discussing what's new this week:

  • Additional Sound Alerts added to Channel Point Redemptions & pricing adjustments.

  • Discord changes + categories rearranged.

  • Blog overhaul announced + additional categories added to current theme.

  • The return of Stream Schedules!

New Emotes!

FreshPearspective did an excellent job with the first three emotes that ever came to stream but since then, chaosToasty and his friends haven't had much company since their debut in October. Aside from BTTV emotes being added a few months later, it's been a long time since new subscriber emotes have been added. That is, until now. I'm pleased to announce that new emotes drawn by none other than SaltyGhostCrow are available now for subscribers! Currently, the heartsToasty emote (pictured below on the left) is pending approval but rageToasty and cryingToasty are in the emote panel right now!

New Emotes from SaltyGhostCrow. From left to right: heartsToasty, rageToasty, and cryingToasty

In addition, both BTTV and Subscriber emotes have been added to The Breadbox Discord server with stickers coming very soon! As more slots are made available to stream, you're going to see more emotes coming from members of the community as more slots are added to the stream over time. You'll even see community contributions in the form of sub-badges, logos, overlays, and more to showcase & promote their unique talents for others to discover.

Discord Emote panel, with all new emotes and BetterTwitchTV emotes.

New Commands & Redeems!

Over the next few weeks, you're going to see the gradual roll-out of Meme Commands, a series of subscriber-only commands that trigger meme scenes from a simple text-command in chat. Currently a very limited number of Meme Commands are available with more to be released over time. You're also going to see some meme scenes reworked to better handle this new format to not be as obtrusive, taking up a portion of the screen rather than blocking out the entire screen for seconds at a time.

Including Meme Commands, the following commands are available for Subscribers:

  • !clip - Clips the last 30 seconds of stream

  • !chaos - Summons the chaos scene

  • !rage - Summons the rage scene

  • !dejavu = Summons the Deja Vu scene

TouchPortal Event for DejuVu meme command.

Followers & Viewers are also going to be getting some new commands as well, including the ability to quote (and embarrass) me!

  • !quote - Prints a random quote

    • !quote add Text_Goes_Here - Adds a quote

    • !quote #number_goes_here> - Brings up specific quote

  • !toastycheck

    • Checks how "Toasty" someone is from 1-100%.
  • !toastyno - Discourage my shenanigans!

In addition, you can expect to see some brand new redeems in the panel and some changes like the following:

  • Added "Little Fart Reverb" Sound Alert to the Channel Point menu.

  • Moved Fart Reverb to the Sound Alerts Panel for 15 bits.

  • Corrected pricing in Sound Alerts Extension.

    • Some Sound Alerts were up to ten times more expensive than originally intended.
  • Added "Dramatic Reading" Redeem for 2,500 Crumbs

  • Added "ASMR for five minutes" redeem for 2,750 Crumbs.

    • God help me.
  • Split "Hydrate/Stretch/Posture Check" into two commands:

    • Hydrate for 75 Crumbs.

    • Stretch for 100 Crumbs.

  • Removed Rage Channel Point Reward.

  • Adjusted chat timers accordingly and edited messages.

Speaking of redeems, the final date to redeem the "FIRST!" meme redeem (We are Number One MLG Remix) before it changes to the "SUPER HYPEHORN" meme redeem is April 19th. When that day passes, the "FIRST!" meme redeem will change to something else until next month.

Can you hear me now?

The last time audio mixing was addressed, a lot of meme scenes were made quieter and less disruptive but it's clear that a lot more work needs to be done across various elements of stream. Future streams are going to handle audio mixing quite differently in an effort to cut down on sudden outbursts of loud noises from meme scenes, games being streamed, alerts being triggered, and especially with how loud my microphone is relative to everything else. This means that some meme scenes are going to be reworked to add gradual fade-ins, audio outputs and inputs will receive limiters to keep things under a decibel threshold, and the end result will be noticeably quieter, but a lot clearer and easier to tune in to. Expect to see a lot of tweaks in the next few streams and feedback is greatly appreciated either in Twitch chat or the Breadbox Discord server!

Back to our scheduled programming...

And that about covers it for this week! This time around, streams will take place a lot earlier than 11PM EST and will instead start from 9PM EST/6PM PST at the very earliest to 10PM EST/7PM PST at the very latest. This week will start with a long-awaited swing back to Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered on Tuesday, followed by more Shine hunting in Super Mario Sunshine on Wednesday, continuing more of RE4 Remake on Friday and capping the week off with Bioshock on Saturday. Any additional streams not shown here will be announced on The Breadbox Discord and Twitter.

BallisticToaster's Ramadan Streaming schedule for April 3rd to April 9th 2023.

Till next time, stay Toasty and I'll see you all in the next stream!